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As a Social Enterprise in the heritage sector we have an obligation to provide opportunities and social benefits to local communities and heritage enthusiasts. Each of our projects are developed with this in mind, and include opportunities for members of the public to become actively engaged with their local heritage, which not only provides an opportunity to learn new skills, but also encourages an active lifestyle. As a training institution we also strive to provide affordable and relevant training opportunities for the next generation of archaeologists and heritage specialists.

Your support will help us to deliver our projects; increase, improve and protect the archaeological record; train the next generation of heritage professionals; and provide opportunities for people to get actively involved in heritage projects. Each project we run also has a sliding scale of funding goals, with new benefits delivered when a funding goal is reached.

Each project has it's own crowdfunding page where you will find out more about the project and what your money will help to support. Alongside this there will be a series of 'rewards' on offer relevant to each project, allowing you to learn more about the individual projects, or to become directly involved in them. Unlike some platforms our funding drives do not have not have a closing date for supporters. Our projects remain open ended and your continued support will help us to reach our funding goals for each project, which will help deliver new benefits beyond the main phase of the project itself.

Supporters can help our projects using by downloading the relevant order form and returning it to us with a cheque made payable to Heritage & Archaeological Research Practice Ltd, or by making electronic payments into our bank account.

All HARP supporters will be acknowledged on our project web pages, HARP's social media pages, and in the reports that we produce on the completion of each project. Click on the links below to see what projects you can help support now, or click through the links from the project pages on the left.

Thank you to all who have shown their support so far, we hope to continue to provide fun, interesting projects with lasting social benefits.

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