Field Schools

Archaeology Field Schools and Training Programmes

Since 2012 HARP have delivered over 40 Field Schools, providing specialist training to over 500 university students and archaeology enthusiasts.

We run a variety of field schools and educational programmes that provide skills and training suitable for people of all ages and abilities in both the UK and Cyprus.  We run courses for all abilities, ranging from those with an interest in archaeology as a hobby, to those who would like to pursue a career in archaeology or need to fulfil fieldwork requirements for a university degree.

Costs for higher education and vocational training can be prohibitive. At HARP, our field schools are designed to be as affordable as possible, in order to provide a professional training environment on relevant, up to date research projects, to help people fulfil their goal of a career in archaeology, and to help inspire, improve, and preserve our understanding and care for our cultural heritage.

For degree requirements HARP provide research orientated field schools that aim to develop a greater understanding of the archaeological landscape in which we live, whilst providing students with the relevant training that is required to fulfil degree requirements.  

HARP field schools will provide training in aspects of:

All HARP field schools for university students aim to provide training to a level expected by professional archaeological companies, and to allow for an understanding of how archaeology is carried out at a professional level.

Our more general field schools provide the opportunity for people with an interest in archaeology to become involved and find out about why and how we carry out archaeological projects, with all aspects of research covered from survey, to excavation and recording of sites.  These programs are ideal for those who would like to find out more about archaeology in their area, or would like to pursue it as a hobby, and for younger people intending to study archaeology at university but who want to find out more about the subject before they begin their university career.

Participants of all HARP field schools will be given the opportunity to obtain a skills workbook, and to complete a portfolio of the work they have undertaken for their personal or university records. Certificates of participation are also provided on request.

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Full Terms and Conditions for all of our field schools can be found here.