Osteoarchaeological Services

Remains of a male individual showing partial face and teeth

Human osteological consultancy

HARP can provide on-site consultation and expertise regarding the recovery and recording of human remains both prior to, and during excavation. We are able to offer services in excavation, recording and post-excavation analyses of human skeletal remains.

We can provide post-excavation cleaning, inventorying and analyses of both inhumed and cremated human skeletal remains. 

We can tailor our skeletal reports to the needs of the client – however, post-excavation analyses will include the formulation of a standard osteological report. This will include: inventories of the bone and dental material, estimation of biological sex, age-at-death and stature, discussion of skeletal preservation and palaeopathology, as well as any digital photographs. 

Further research and comparative studies can be prepared as well, based on the clients’ wishes.

HARP can also provide training workshops (on request) on archaeological excavation of human remains, identification and recording of human remains and basic analyses of human skeletal remains.

For further information, please contact Michelle