Keep on Digging

Post date: Sep 8, 2015 12:38:49 AM

The halfway mark’s been passed, and we’ve only suffered one day of intensive rain and one deluge of midgies. The Open Day on Sunday was a success with over 40 visitors coming to peruse the settlement of Kildavie and we’re making headway on our three opened sections.

Despite a summer of cold and wet, the sun has classically come out in that mid-September flare of mildly warmer temperature that can be classed as an Indian summer. (There’s a good Gaelic term for it: ‘seacanaich/rodhanaich an t-samhraidh’. Check out that entry on the new Gaelic Dictionary’s Blog:

Also of note, the Dictionary's most recent blogpost about ‘glutadh’, that rubble and sand used to fill the middle of the wall of a house, between the two faces. So topical. Because we’ve seen all sorts of faces this past week. Stone faces, cliff faces, happy faces, interested faces, and a few local faces too.

Wanna get to know some of our faces? Of course you do.

Check out Lachlan’s face. He’s transferring to archaeology because he felt that he had too many career prospects in engineering. He’s been drawing some of structure 4, and has grown adept at erasing stray pencil marks in the rain and tracing stones while hunched at odd angles.

Or Kate – she’s find-master supreme in her structure 7. She’s found glass on glass on glass, including square glass and green glass. But she’s also found clear glass and brown glass. And the prettiest pottery. Well, multiple potteries. She’s basically found all of our pottery. Check it out on Thursday night. 8pm. Dervaig Village Hall. Be there.

Then there’s Franklin, he’s from California, attending Santa Cruz studying bioarchaeology. Here’s a photo of him having finished excavating to the ‘bedrock’ at structure 7, and then being told to go further down.

And Naomi, she’s in her 4th year at the University of Edinburgh, studying archaeology. When she’s not terrorising Chalet 9 with her ghost stories, she’s digging. Seriously, if Kate is find-master supreme, Naomi is dig-master supreme.

And Còiseam the sand-eel, he’s resident down at Langamull Beach.

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