HARP's HEART Walk Part 2

Post date: May 7, 2019 7:11:47 PM

Why Kieran's getting involved...

Hello! This coming week Ian and myself will be hiking the Great Glen Way in aid of the British Heart Foundation and HARP. Here’s a wee bit about why I’m taking part in HARP's HEART Walk!

The work that the British Heart Foundation do in funding life saving research and campaigning in support of those affected by heart and circulatory diseases is fantastic, and vital in combating heart disease. Heart disease affects us all, whether directly or indirectly, and money raised through donations, like yours, can assists this great charity in reducing the number of people who are lost to heart and circulatory diseases. This a fantastic cause and any donations would be very much appreciated.

The other half of donations received will be going towards helping HARP keep archaeology and heritage related pursuits accessible and inclusive. Archaeology is what I love and what I have been fortunate enough to study at a great university, and go on to start a career in. It has opened my horizons and allowed me to explore the landscape and history of Scotland, meeting amazing and lovely people along the way. While inspiring and helping the next generation of archaeologists is important, archaeology has a lot to offer to those who do not necessarily want a career in it. It is a social activity, where teamwork, coordination, methodology and hard work are all important. Getting out and having a go at doing archaeology can be a really positive experience for people looking for some practical experience in a work environment, or for those looking to get out and about and engage with their local heritage. HARP do great work in educating people and engaging them with archaeology in Scotland and abroad, and any donations would really help to make a difference to people.

As for the route of this walk, we will be following the Fort William to Fort Augustus military road, the first of General Wade’s military roads to be completed in 1726. My interest in the 18th century military roads of Scotland were sparked when I took part in HARP’s Jacobites, Clearance and Scots field school as an undergraduate. This was the start of an ongoing interest in researching and exploring the history and archaeology of these military roads and the way that they cut through the landscapes and impacted upon the people of the Highlands. They may be military roads, but their influence was certainly not restricted to military matters.

Ian and I will be uploading some interesting (hopefully) blogs about the sites that we pass on our way up the Great Glen and beyond to Fort George at Ardesier Point. This route is packed with places and stories associated with the Jacobite Wars. But don’t worry, there’ll be some prehistory, early medieval, medieval and modern archaeology thrown in too - something for everyone, so keep an eye out for blog updates here and on our Facebook page, and if you would like to support us or donate to these worthy causes, you can find out how to do so here!