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Last Updated 1/10/16

For more information on this project please visit the project web page here.

By supporting this project you will be helping to excavate and record an abandoned settlement which is thus far little understood, which will in turn add a wealth of information to the archaeological record of Mull. You will be helping us to make the information recorded on this project publicly available once the project is complete. You will help us to provide an engaging training opportunity to members of the public, and you will also be helping us to train the next generation of heritage specialists and archaeologists.

Alongside this your support will also provide a series of events and social benefits for the local community. During the field school in September 2016 we will be providing a series of free events to coincide with Scottish Archaeology and Heritage Festival, including a site open day. Following the completion of our project in 2016, your support will help us to reach our funding goals and trigger the next series of social and community benefits that we will deliver.

We will deliver a series of community orientated and educational events, and a sliding funding scale will be in operation, whereby hitting funding goals will trigger the next element of the project. All supporters will be contributing towards these goals and will help to trigger each individual event. The events that your support will help to run are outlined below.

A series of rewards are available to Supporters of the project, and full details of the rewards and how to get them are listed below. All funders will be updated with project progress and details of the funding outcomes once the funding goals are reached.

Funding Goal 1 - £750 

We will deliver two talks during Scottish Archaeology and Heritage Festival detailing the findings of our project at Kildavie. One talk will be delivered in Edinburgh; the other will be local to the project on Mull. 

Funding Goal 3 - £4000

We will produce a physical exhibition on the findings form the project to be hosted in a local museum/exhibition centre.

Funding Goal 2 - £2000

We will produce and host an online exhibition explaining the project and detailing the findings from the excavation seasons. We will also train up the local volunteers in how to maintain and update the website.

Funding Goal 4 - £6000

We will produce a touring exhibition and learning resource to take around schools on Mull, where children will have an interactive, archaeological learning experience of the 18th Century.

Harp Archaeology,
11 May 2015, 06:32